Wet/Dry Skin Brush

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A genuine Bass body brush that can be used on either wet or dry skin.

In skin brushing, the skin is typically brushed towards the heart, starting at the feet and hands and brushing towards the chest.

After brushing the skin is left feeling softer and smoother but there are many other benefits including exfoliation, stimulating the lymphatic system for a natural detox, it may help with cellulite removal and gives a natural energy boost.

How to skin brush:

Start at the feet and use long, gentle strokes towards the heart. Don't brush too hard! Your skin may appear slightly pink afterwards but not red or stinging. Follow with a shower and moisturiser.

Wash your brush every few weeks to remove the dead skin cells. This brush can be used dry (before the shower) or wet (in the shower). Ensure it is always left to dry completely in the sunlight to avoid the bamboo going mouldy.


* The long handle is detachable so the brush can be used in the palm of your hand or on the handle to increase your reach.