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Spray Head Trigger (replacement)


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Replacement trigger spray head- Suitable for 500ml amber glass bottles

Is the spray head on your DIY cleaner worn out?

Over time the essential oils may wear away the plastic mechanism in the trigger head causing it to get stuck or not function as well as it once did. First, you should try running hot water through it to clean it out. If there is no improvement, it's time to look at a replacement spray top.

How long will they last?

This is hard to say. It depends on what essential oils you use, how often and at what dilution. The standard spray head lasts us around 6 months, for others it can be from 3-12+ months.

Is there a difference between the canyon and standard sprays?

YES! The canyon spray has extra protection within the trigger chamber to stop the essential oils and vinegar from damaging it, making it more resistant to our natural DIY cleaning liquid. We started 'testing' the canyon spray head back in July 2017 and that same one is still serving us well.