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Night Repair Cream- Sample Size


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Night Repair Face Cream

Sample Size | 30g | 50g

Is your skin crying out for something extra during the cooler months?

You are not alone! Many women add our rich day and night creams in their skin care routines during winter to keep their skin looking amazing. 

Night repair cream is a decadent moisturiser for the delicate skin on your face. Especially during winter, many women find that their skin needs something extra to nourish and deliver the hydration it requires. Our formulation is a powerful combination of essential oils, plant based oils and butters, and luxury oils, all designed to hydrate, rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalise your skin.

Our moisturisers do not contain any water. Many moisturisers on the market today list water as the first ingredient followed by a number of thickeners and stabilisers. Research has shown that these water based products only provide temporary moisture to your skin. Many women find that their skin feels tight and dry soon after applying these types of creams.

We believe that you deserve to put high quality products on your face, that will make a difference to your skin for the better. We source ingredients of the highest quality and potency to use in our creams. You will notice that you need only the smallest amount of our night cream to effectively cover your entire face- meaning this 30g pot will last you a long time! The most common feedback we receive about our skin creams is that you need less than you think! Women are used to 'scooping' their face creams out, where in fact a couple 'dots' on your skin is more than enough.