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Nasal Inhaler


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Nasal inhalers (single)

These nasal inhalers are great for use with your essential oils when you are on the move. They are made from BPA Free plastic and can be stored in your handbag, pocket or the kids' school bag.  

You simply add several drops of the desired oil/s to the cotton wick (included), attach the bottom cap and you are right to go. The wicks can be recharged as needed by removing the bottom cap and adding a few more drops of oil. We find that our nasal inhalers can last up to 6 months or more without recharging if they are stored correctly, out of the sun in a dry spot with the lid on tight.

Available in a variety of colours to help you identify which oil is being used or to allocate a different colour to each family member.

*A single inhaler come with 3 parts- the cotton wick, the bottom cap and the inhaler body (a two piece system). Please note that these are blank and do not come with any essential oils.

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