Magnesium Workshop


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1.5 hour workshop with Amanda from My Essential Alchemy, in Toowoomba 

Saturday March 14th, 2pm-3:30pm

Venue: Canvas Coworking Inc, 625 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba City

This session will uncover why magnesium is such a vital element for all ages and the positive affects that it can have on our functioning. You will learn where we can get natural forms of magnesium from and the recommended dose for optimal functioning (Spoiler alert: we can ALL benefit from adding in extra magnesium to our weekly routine).

Participants will receive:

* free access to the updated version of our My Essential Alchemy EBOOK "Magnesium"
* learn how to make a batch of pure magnesium oil
* take home their own magnesium oil spray
* learn how to use magnesium safely in their daily or weekly routine

* gain access to a range of natural recipes using magnesium and essential oils.

Once you have purchased your ticket you will receive a confirmation of payment as well as an email from Amanda with further details. If you are booking for a friend, please leave their name in the comment section when checking out.