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Intuitive Essence Reading & Elixir


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 Intuitive oracle card reading

by Amanda The Alchemist

+ a custom, 5ml essential oil elixir, hand blended with your personalised essential oils from the reading

Do you feel like you need some celestial guidance, clarification or encouragement? A personalised essential oil blend that speaks to your subconscious? Maybe you want to raise your natural energy and vibration levels? 

This unique service is a distant oracle card reading which includes a detailed written explanation of the essences channelled for you, affirmations and quotes to connect to, as well as a custom hand blended elixir. This 10ml roller blend will be created with guidance from the card reading and may be used as a powerful anchor to connect to your intention through this process.


How does it work?

This distant intuitive reading works by tuning into the higher energy and aura of the person. In order to do this, the name of the recipient is needed and I meditate on this name in order to receive energy to channel the oracle cards.

I then shuffle the cards and follow my intuition and guidance to select 3-5 cards in a holistic spread. Once these cards have been chosen I interpret their meaning and create a blend, an elixir if you will, using these oils. Included in this reading is a one page explanation of your essences along with an affirmation and relevant quote. 

I understand that distant energy work can be a difficult concept to grasp if this is something new to you, but do let it stop you from using and enjoying the process.   

Each essential oil holds the life energy of the plant, in both physical and spiritual form. There is a magnificent synergy that is created when these essences are combined, resulting in a unique synergy that the energy from you and the oil creates.


* It is important that I have the name of the person who shall receive this elixir. Please note this in the comments if it is for someone other than yourself.

* Please note that this service requires postage or local collection. It may be combined with other products on our website.

* The estimated turn around time on this service is 2-4 business days, plus the regular postage time.

(Please note this is an online service. Regular postage rates or local pick up options are applicable.)

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