Her Pamper Hamper

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Lip Balm
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Her Pamper Hamper

This one was hand picked by Amanda with all of the lovely ladies in mind. I chose all of my favourite products to use during the holiday season to unwind, relax, take care of my body, and just have fun!

It includes the following five natural, hand crafted items it a gift box (because when it comes in a box it makes you feel SO much more special!)

  •  1 x 150g Coffee Body Scrub- It really gives you that Goddess Glow 
  •  1 x Rose botanical bath bomb
  •  1 x 100g luxurious bath salts
  •  1 x Lip & Cuticle Balm
  •  1 x 10ml "Energy" Essential oil roller bottle purposefume, hand blended by Amanda 

Please select which variety of salts and lip balm you would like included in your Pamper Hamper.

* I want this to be magical for you, so if you would prefer a different essential oil blend or a lip therapy balm, or there is something I can add to this for you, please don't hesitate to send me a message at amanda@myessentialalchemy.com.au

-You have saved 15% by purchasing these items as a kit, rather than individually-