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DIY Cleaning ebook: A simple guide to a non-toxic home


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DIY Cleaning ebook: A simple guide to a non-toxic home

17 pages/ 12 recipes

This ebook shines a light on how toxins are impacting our lives and why it is important to start cutting down the number of harmful chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Our ebook will cover the 12 DIY cleaning products that you need to make sure your home is clean, germ free and fresh everyday. There are detailed explanations of how to make each, tips for the beginner and suggested variations so that you can create something that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Making your own cleaning products is simple, affordable and will give you a very effective product to use with confidence in your home.

DIY recipes included:

cleaning spray

air freshener

room + linen spray

sticky residue remover

antibacterial foam hand wash

antibacterial wipes

microfiber deep clean

cleaning paste

washing powder

sanitising spray

carpet sprinkle

fruit + veggie wash


All photos, recipes and content by Amanda Sugden