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Custom Essential Oil Blend


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Are you looking for a particular essential oil blend? Maybe you have a condition that you would like to support naturally with the use of a daily essential oil blend.

As you may already be aware, pure essential oils can be used to assist in discomfort, ailments and for emotional support. We stock 29 of our most asked for hand crafted essential oil blends online for you to purchase immediately, but if you do not see what you are looking for, a custom blend can be made for you.

Simply select the appropriate age for the recipient (baby-under 2, child or adult) of this custom blend so that it can be diluted to the optimal percentage, then choose either the 5ml or 10ml roller bottle option. 

* Please leave some details during checkout or via email, regarding what you would like to use this blend for, what it will address and any other relevant information.

* Make sure to advise of intolerances, allergies or strong repulsion to any carrier oils or essential oils.

* Please note this custom blend contains selected essential oils blended in a carrier oil. It is used topically by rolling onto the skin and can not be used in a diffuser or burner.