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Service Testimonials

"Amanda's knowledge and passion for what she does is truly inspiring! I've learnt so much from her and will continue to do so as my journey to a cleaner lifestyle continues. Her willingness to help and share is evident in the variety of products and services she provides for her customers/clients; forever going above and beyond. I am confident in Amanda and her products and can not recommend My Essential Alchemy enough."

- Jeanette, Toowoomba 


"Amanda's creation is nothing short of amazing and inspirational. How you find time in your busy life to research, make, test, improve, package and deliver all your products is very humbling indeed! This is aside from all your knowledge of everything oily and their applications and your eagerness to share what you know with those of us who haven't time to do all the research. And having everything at my fingertips at My Essential Alchemy saves me time and money by having everything available at your one stop shop! Thanks Amanda for helping me on my #ridmyhouseoftoxins #doesn'thavetocosttheearth #feelgoodsmellgood journey!"
- Sheree, Pottsville



"This wonderful lady is full of information about natural health, essential oils and natural skin care. She makes amazing products from well sourced and researched ingredients. She is generous, honest and truly passionate about what she does!"

- Carly, Highfields


"Amanda shared some great knowledge and suggestions so I could choose the best products for my symptoms. Very grateful for her genuine interest and assistance!"

-Katherine, Mt Isa



Product Testimonials

"Amanda's NO BO is amazing! It is second only to her personal service and friendly advice. I had tried other (leading brands) of natural deodorant, both liquid and solid and all left me smelling terrible before the end of the day. Not NO BO though, I found the scent worked harder the harder I worked out. I'm going to need a lifetime supply of this stuff!!"

- Sara, North QLD



"Your upset tummy oil was a godsend to my beautiful cousin last night over here in Cambodia made her roll some in belly button and on tummy all fixed! You're products are amazing and a must for traveling. Thanks."

- Karen, The Vegan Travel Agent



"So we tried your (custom magnesium blend) oil last night and we both had a great sleep. I didn't wake up in pain or anything it was amazing! Thank you so much!"

- Elly, Toowoomba



"We have a winner with the sunscreen! My eldest has sensory processing disorder and dislikes sunscreens with a passion...well this morning I brought out the sunscreen I bought from you yesterday and ….No complaints! Actually he said it smelt delicious and then he said 'this is the best sunscreen ever.' Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought he'd say that about a sunscreen! Thank you!"

- Joanna, Toowoomba



Leadership Testimonials

"As if the oils aren't enough on their own- but you also get the knowledge and support for My Essential Alchemy, Amanda and her team. The private facebook page is always full of great information, new blends, and anything oily you need. Thank you Amanda for always being available for my many questions - even lending me a few drops of an oil when I don't have it! DoTERRA and Time for an oil change really has changed my life."

-Shannan, Highfields



"I've seen how Amanda runs her business efficiently and professionally, regularly up-skilling and developing in all the good ways. Entirely without pressure too, unlike so many other organisations. She has been amazing and wonderful helping me along my oily journey but I believe everyone who comes in contact with Amanda quickly experiences how kind, understanding and astoundingly generous with her time/knowledge/guidance on our journey to low-tox living she is."  

-Kate, Toowoomba


"Amanda has an amazing knowledge of oils and how to live chemical/toxin free and is very patient with a newbie like myself."
- Michael, Brisbane


"Thank you for getting me started on my oil journey, Amanda. With your wealth of knowledge it has made a daunting experience so much easier. You’re always so approachable with any question I’ve had and I can’t wait to try some of your hand made natural products. If you’re thinking about starting your oil journey, Amanda should be your first port of call."
- Melissa, Toowoomba


"Amanda helped me start with essential oils and since then I haven't looked back. She has been a constant support and encyclopedia of information helping me to start my journey towards chemical free products in my home. Amanda has always responded to enquiries efficiently and been more than willing to sit down and discuss with me how I can use them all, in mine and my families life."
- Shari, Highfields