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Raw Ingredients

At My Essential Alchemy, our hand crafted products and raw ingredients are carefully selected due to their natural, safe and effective properties. Despite this, caution must always be taken when handling ingredients in their raw state such as fine powders and undiluted essential oils. Take appropriate precautions for your project, such as wearing gloves, a face mask or working in a ventilated room to preserve your health.

As always, if you experience any irritation, sensitivity or discomfort discontinue use.


When making your own homemade products or storing raw ingredients please ensure that bottles/bags/jars are stored correctly, clearly labelled and kept out of reach of young children.

Our recipes have been tested and trialed a number of times to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness. If you add your own flair to these recipes please use your common sense as to the safety, cleanliness and effectiveness of the final product. My Essential Alchemy will not be held responsible for any products made using our recipes, loss or injury that may occur from making/using our recipes or failed attempts to follow the DIY recipes.   


We are proud to use ingredients of the highest quality and have full disclosure on everything that is used in our products. It is up to the consumer to check products for their full list of ingredients prior to purchasing, to ensure is does not contain any known allergy causing substances.

Pregnancy | Dilution | Children

The essential oils and raw ingredients used in our products are generally regarded as being safe for use by pregnant and/or breastfeeding women unless otherwise specified. Please note that adults may use children's essential oil products however the adult essential oil blends are not diluted to a percentage that is safe for a child to use.

Please consult with your health provider before starting any natural remedy if you are concerned about the effect it may have on your specific health situation.