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Our Logo

The original My Essential Alchemy logo was created in 2017 by Amanda with honest simplicity and the ease of production in mind. In early 2019 it was time to give our logo a new life. I wanted to reveal the deeper meaning and values behind My Essential Alchemy and also bring the brand to life with a whirl of colour to express its personality. The colours chosen for our rebrand and new labels have been taken from the hues in nature to represent emotional and physical wellbeing, energy and the development of natural alternatives.


Finding a symbol that represented who we are and what we stand for took quite some time. Late one night I was studying the history and original recordings of Alchemy and I was drawn back to the Alchemical Table of Symbols which were in use until the 18th Century when alchemy gave way to chemistry.


Without looking at the meanings behind these symbols I was instantly drawn to one. It spoke to me of confidence, pride, trustworthiness, strength and community, but also balance, harmony, connection, yoga and flow. I later found out that this symbol was used by alchemists in their writing to mean “essence.” Essence is defined as the core nature or most important qualities of someone or something. It is the heart and soul of that thing. This is exactly what I had hoped to capture, a descriptive concept to encompass My Essential Alchemy’s life force.


Of course we also resonate with the other meaning of essence which is an extract or concentrate obtained gently from a plant or other natural matter. We love to use pure essences, such as essential oils, flower essences and plant extracts for their physical healing properties and to create emotional health and wellness.


So that is our meaning behind the logo, but as with any creative piece you will find your own connection and make meaning based on your own experiences. I have already heard a few different yarns around this symbol from our clients and customers which is absolutely beautiful.