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Our Philosophy

Here at My Essential Alchemy we combine the best of nature, science, apothecary and Ayurveda to give you a holistic system of wellbeing and balance. Our formulations work in synergy with your body's natural healing and regenerative processes for a faster result. 

We believe that chemical free, non-toxic products are essential for long-term health, natural beauty and overflowing happiness. Our hand crafted products are powered by naturally derived, plant-based ingredients and botanicals which are so effective that they eliminate the need for harmful synthetic additives. Because we know, you don’t need a long list of synthetic chemical compounds to clean your home, care for your family or achieve youthful and glowing skin.

Our ingredients are pure, ethically sourced, chosen based on their functionality, effectiveness and safety, and are used in viable percentages. The formulations are concentrated, without nasties, fillers, additives or watered down. Most of our products are multi-purpose and offer support to you and your family across a range of different situations. My Essential Alchemy products are original, always crafted from scratch, and only tested by us on real people-never on animals.

These values are strengthened by a belief in complementary medicine- a holistic, long-term approach to health that looks at the whole body. We draw knowledge from the ancient Indian science Ayurveda, the ‘Science of Life,’ which has been focussed on balancing all areas of one’s life for the last 5000 years. It focusses on being proactive to restore the whole body to harmony by preserving one’s health and preventing disease, not solely reacting to health concerns.

My Essential Alchemy follow the principles of ‘Green Chemistry’ by using renewable raw materials, eliminating waste, reducing our impact on the environment and avoiding the use of toxic and hazardous ingredients. We have implemented a “Full Circle Program” where customers can return empty bottles, jars and packaging to be refilled and reused. Customers who participate in this program will be rewarded with a 10% discount off the price of their refilled product. Our packaging has been thoughtfully chosen to ensure it can be reused multiple times, either by refilling it or using it for other storage ideas.

It’s what we leave out of our products that makes us different. Chemicals, additives, preservatives and synthetic ingredients may all be absorbed into the body through the skin or inhalation, with potentially harmful effects. 60% of what you put onto your body can be absorbed into the bloodstream, so it makes sense to keep it clean and as close to nature as possible. Many people aren’t aware of the ingredients that are in the products they use, or that on average their skin will be exposed up to 168 harmful toxins each day!

Most importantly, our natural products work alongside your body’s natural healing and regenerative systems. Your body knows how to heal itself, and with our clever formulations, it allows your natural beauty to radiate through. Nature has done most of the hard work for us, providing a full banquette of ingredients to use. With Amanda’s knowledge of alchemy and attention to detail, she has created a whole range of clean, simple and 100% natural products that are gaining a cult following.