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Relationship Intention

Amanda Sugden

Posted on April 27 2020

relationship goal setting and vision



I wonder if you and your partner have a shared vision? Do you feel like you are on the same path and you know what the destination you're heading for is? Is that something that you talk about together often?


This image is very relevant for me today. My husband and I set goals very differently. We work towards them in a completely different way too! What works for him is just crap for me. He likes to write and stay on track with a vision board. I like to imagine, feel, dream and feel the vision like it is already a reality. I don't write down these things at all. The vision board is in my head only.


This can frustrate both parties, trust me! But... despite all of the differences I did think we were going in the same direction- like we had a shared vision.

Well.... this weekend showed me something valuable.

We have both been working towards this dream in our own ways and both doing a lot of personal development and consequently growth. ON OUR OWN.


So when we started talking about our dreams over the weekend they were totally warped into two different scenarios. They started from the same place but we both took them and developed them to a whole new reality overtime, where they were no longer even resembling each other. Crap! It made us realise that we hadn't checked in with each other for a while.


Then I found this image saved on my computer- it just popped up, the way things do when you NEED to see them. Needless to say, we spent time yesterday talking about our shared vision and how we were going to reach this. We agreed to check in with each other more frequently and we have chose the same audible to listen to next on our list.


How powerful is this image? I have known so many relationships that have failed, or not been as good as they started off- all because two people 'grew apart.'

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