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Life Lessons from the kids

Amanda Sugden

Posted on September 10 2020

Teaching life lessons


There have been big winds in Toowoomba the last two days! Does the wind make you feel a little unsettled?
I was speaking to some other mums today who said it just makes them feel off, a bit on edge... And I can totally relate to it!


My first instinct is to stay indoors. But as life has sent me Allegra (thank you🙏) we go out and play in the wind. She loves the wild weather, nothing puts a dampener on her trip to the playground!

Do I love the wind? No. But you know what, life is too short to wait out the good weather.

Actually that's been one of the lessons Allegra has taught me. Do what makes you happy. Take time to stop the car and pick flowers from the side of the road. Go to the park in gale force winds. Take a walk in the rain to jump in puddles....

If not now, then when?

I used to be really good at making excuses, why it would be better on another day or why there's not enough time. But now I make my choices based on consequences and bringing joy to our life.

Wow. You think as a parent you will be the one to impart the wisdom to your kids... But really they are our greatest teachers❤️🙏


Have you found this with your own children?

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