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Is magnesium linked to wellbeing?

Amanda Sugden

Posted on February 12 2022

Is magnesium linked to wellbeing?
It's funny what we can learn about our body if we take the time to notice and listen
Turns out my magnesium spray is my new best friend😎 I've been selling it for 5 years and only used it a handful of times. Why??? I just didn't feel like I needed it (And I probably didn't)
Then some things changed...
We moved house. Our new house has a teeny child size bath. I can fit legs or body but both ain't getting wet at the same time! 😂
I was use to a big spa bath... Magnesium baths were a non negotiable weekly habit.
It's been 3 months since my last magnesium bath🛀😳 my sleep has been much lighter. Period cramps came back. A week ago I started getting leg cramps where I couldn't walk. My eye started getting that old twitch that I almost forgot about.... My body was under stress and sending loud signals!
I have been using my magnesium spray with copaiba and frankincense the last 3 days. I spray on my legs and tummy. The eye twitch and cramps disappeared straight away. Last night I had a great sleep.
All these years of magnesium baths and I thought it felt lovely, but wasn't doing too much! I was wrong!
It looks like I'm going to need to squeeze myself into that bath every week with some magnesium flakes or add our magnesium spray into my weekly routine, because this unplanned experiment showed me that my body does need transdermal magnesium every week for optimal health.

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