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Buying Oils at Coles...

Amanda Sugden

Posted on August 28 2019

Buying Oils at Coles...

Check this out! I just spotted essential oil blends in Coles. 

It's not often that I actually get to wander the isles...but when I do, I love to see what is happening in the "health/beauty" section and (very quickly while holding my breath....) the "cleaning" isle. 

So I spotted essential oil blends! Then I smiled. Because essential oils are becoming normalised. They are becoming recognised as a natural remedy to support you as a first line of defence, instead of turning straight to a white pill.

The only thing about these is that the headache blend is just peppermint essential oil, and the sleep only contains lavender.

Why is this bad?

Because many people are allergic to lavender, or just don't like the smell and from my experience most people need a full blend of calming essential oils to help with sleep.
Because there are lots of different types of headaches- tension, stress, migraine, external stimuli which all are calmed with DIFFERENT essential oils! So peppermint will not be effective for all headaches.
SO... that makes me sad to think that someone might try these, have a poor experience and rule out essential oils as effective because of it.
Here are our equivalent blends-
* Magnesium sleep (child/adult)
* Magnesium Tension (essential oils to combat ALL headache types)
I created these blends back in 2017 and they have been put to the test and refined to perfection. The best part is you are buying them from me, so you can put a face to the brand and get aftersales support so you feel confident in using these blends.
There are 29 different essential oil blends on our website and I can also create a custom blend for you too. Get in contact today to see how we can help you.

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