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Do you trust your intuition?

Amanda Sugden

Posted on September 07 2020

trust your intuition


Do you trust your intuition? Really?

This topic has been on my mind for a while now and after a conversation today with a friend it fired me up to get my thoughts written down.

I know that my intuition is usually pretty good. I hear that little voice telling me something- about that person, which way to go or what is about to happen, and I usually listen. I have always been guided by that.

But lately, I have been testing myself and that voice. I'm not sure if it is a rebellion thing- to prove I can change an outcome or if I really want to believe something so bad that I just ignore that tap on the shoulder.

I wonder if you can relate to what I am saying?

I will give you an example. A little while ago I had a custom order placed through my business. The customer is local and wanted to pay cash when they collected. I am a pretty easy going, trusting person so this is usually no biggie for me.....except every fiber of my being was shouting NO!

Weird? Something was telling me not to go through with it. Don't start the project till she had paid. "You won't get your money" "You're wasting your time"

Even as I searched FB and saw we had mutual friends (so it must be ok- settle down voice in my head. I'll prove you wrong!) I knew that this was going to end up teaching me a lesson.

Guess what? It did! The customer vanished and won't reply to any contact. The order is still sitting in my store front reminding me of how I didn't listen to my intuition. I knew that this was going to happen but still I spent over an hour filling the order. Crazy hey?

I'm not sure why we do this to ourselves. Why we start giving in to people, settling for less or getting complacent maybe? Maybe it is something that we slip into over time and hardly notice that it has happened.

So I wonder. Do you listen to and trust your intuition? Are you putting the value you deserve on yourself and showing others (and the universe) how you like to be treated?

I hope so xx


Oh and why is my rose quartz out? For love. Unconditional love for myself and for my customer. To get rid of any resentment and to restore my high vibration.

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