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Is compromise possible?

Amanda Sugden

Posted on September 04 2020

Food choices and diet


Am I finally finding a happy compromise??

As a child I ate a lot of sugar and processed food. Its what I knew to be normal.

I now know that it also was the reason for a lot of my health problems then, which I'm still dealing with the repercussions today. So you could say I sit over in the camp.. 'sugar and processed foods are evil and must be avoided at all costs'

For years I was strict with the kids food, shielding them from everything. It was hard work! Then I realised, there will be kids parties, they will grow up and go to friends houses, they will have to make their own choices about what they eat.

I figure it is best if I teach them the importance of good food to nourish their body, let them see how sugar affects their body and mood, and know that it is a sometimes food.

Tomorrow Allegra turns 4 and she is just brimming with excitement!

I stayed up last night making her gf cupcakes to take to kindy. They are not the avocado icing, sugar free, dairy free and unrefined cakes that I made last year.....( But then I bet the kids will eat these ones without a 'what is this strange food' look on their faces too😂)

And although I feel a little like a bad mum giving icing and half a marshmallow to these kids, I know it is a one off and I'm sure it will build amazing birthday memories.

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