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Testing Purity

Amanda Sugden

Posted on June 14 2019

Testing Purity


You have heard about all these different brands of essential oils and now you're confused about which company to buy from? Which friends to trust? Do you know how to test your essential oils for their high quality, purity and strength?

When I first started using essential oils I had bought some from doTERRA but being a stay home mum I was worried about the cost of them. Coming from a science background, data driven and inquisitive in nature, I decided to do my own research to find out which essential oils were best for me and why they were all so differently priced.

I bought two different well known essential oil brands and two Australian owned brands, then I tested them. 


So how did I compare them??

1. I put one drop of the lemon, lavender, peppermint and vetiver oil, from each brand, onto a piece of white paper.

Why? If it is a pure essential oil it will completely evaporate and will NOT leave an oil mark on the paper. How fast it evaporates depends on if the oil is a base, middle or top note. The thick base oils like vetiver take longer to evaporate than top notes like lemon, maybe even overnight! This makes perfect sense because when you wear a pure-fume you know that some scents will disappear (evaporate) quite quickly, while others are still noticeable at the end of the day.

If it's not pure...If it's adulterated and mixed with a carrier oil, you will be left with an oil mark on the paper. So even though you might be paying less per ml for your essential oils you are not getting high quality. Stay away from those.

*All of the doTERRA oils evaporated completely. (TICK)


2. Smell them. This is actually one of the testing methods used by scientists who test essential oils too!

Lemon from one company is NOT the same as from another. When you smell doTERRA's lemon essential oil it actually smells like that ripe yellow fruit in my kitchen....not like that plastic bottle of chemical cleaner you once bought from the supermarket. I use to dislike the smell of those “essential oil” scents from incense sticks, candles, cleaning products, skin care or store bought room sprays. The problem was that they were not actually essential oils that I was smelling! Most of them are synthetic compounds that have been artificially created to save the company money. They don’t have the therapeutic benefits and worse still, they actually inflame respiratory issues for some people.

From the scent you can also tell if it has a strong pure smell or if it is quite faint and diluted. I have found that some of those cheaper brands of essential oils need up to 50 drops to give a DIY product the same scent that I can achieve from only 4 drops of doTERRA, making it far more expensive in the long run!

* If you have ever had the opportunity to smell doTERRA oils you know how amazing they are.


3. I tested the colour and appearance of the essential oils.

I added drops of each lemon oil, from the different brands, to my cleaning paste. The white base shows the true colour and richness of the essential oils, not to mention the amazing scent.  DoTERRA oils were so much more vibrant in colour....many others all looked the same, clear!

That's not good. When you process a lemon rind it should be yellow. A lime should be dark green. If it is clear you really have to question the extraction process, the purity and the integrity of the final product. Will it retain the amazing healing properties if it has been exposed to high heat? chemical extraction? Has it been mixed with a cheaper carrier oil?

I get asked a lot if I still use ‘those doTERRA oils’ in my cleaning products. People assume that because it’s not on your skin that you should settle for a cheaper brand because it doesn’t matter. For my family I wouldn’t compromise their health with anything less than a product that I know to be pure and beneficial- so the same goes to products I pour my heart into for my customers.

 * If you haven't had the chance of seeing the vibrant colours of your essential oils (because they are in the amber glass) try this. Wintergreen is a rich pink!



4. Put them to the properties test and see if they work.

Can orange get rid of sticky residue? Can lemongrass take off nail polish? When you make your immune boosting blend, sweet dreams or bedtime oils, do they work? Are they relieving some discomfort, assisting you in some way? If you answer no for the oils you are using at the moment, maybe it's time to start looking into why and trying other brands.


Back in early 2016 I did my research and saw the difference that a quality essential oil can make to my home and health. Now I am happy with my choice of essential oil company, doTERRA for so many reasons! If you want to see the difference doTERRA can make to your DIY, health and home, contact me.

I'm ready to help you get started and I'll be here to educate and support you through your whole journey.

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