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Sore Throat Relief

Amanda Sugden

Posted on September 20 2019

Natural throat spray recipe



This natural throat spray is a must have in our home for winter wellness and stopping the spread of germs and sickness that seem to go around at this time of the year. The essential oils in this spray have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, immunostimulant, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic and antioxidant properties (to name a few!!) Making it great for getting rid of bacterial or viral infections, cleaning and stimulating the immune system response.
Yes, it is pretty much the same recipe as my hand sanitizer! So if you love a multipurpose product, you're going to LOVE this. This one DIY spray can be used as a throat spray, hand sanitizer, bin and surface spray and to disinfect toys (or the common use objects in the office!) I find it works quickly to relieve a sore throat but if you do not agree with ingesting oils, or you are unsure of the quality of your essential oils- then don't use it in this way. Making an oil blend in a roller bottle (try our DIY immune boost blends) to roll on your neck will work just as well.
I have one of these sprays in our bathroom for the kids to use after they wash their hands, in my handbag, in the kindy/school bag (plastic only), next to my bin under the sink and in my car. If you follow the dilution in this recipe you can use PET plastic or glass, depending on your needs, and adapt it to any size bottle you have. If you have a few empty doTERRA bottles lying around you can repurpose these by adding a misting head to the bottle and creating mini throat sprays.

40ml PET spray bottle 
30ml distilled water
10ml apple cider vinegar
6-10 drops of On Guard essential oil (or select essential oils with similar properties)
3 drops of lemon essential oil
*1-2 grains of Himalayan coarse rock salt
(Or use a 15ml empty doTERRA glass bottle and spray head)
Add the water and vinegar to your bottle. Put in the essential oils and salt and replace the lid. Give the bottle a gentle shake to combine and it is ready to use.
* The salt is used to emulsify your essential oils and water so they don't separate, salt is also great for sore throats. If you do not like the taste of the salt, you can reduce it or just leave it out and give your bottle a good shake before using it each time. 

* If you are using a larger bottle adjust the quantities as needed.
* I tend to make it stronger in the glass bottles but when in PET bottles I dilute it further.
* You can use any salt for this recipe such as fine Himalayan salt or dead sea salt.
* Take care when spraying not to get the spray on sensitive skin areas, ears or eyes.
* This is not recommended for young children to use internally. Please do your own research if you are wanting to use as a throat spray for children.
*  PET plastic is great for use in certain situations but remember that it may melt/deform if left in a hot car.
* Any essential oils with appropriate properties, that are for internal use, can be made into a throat spray using your old doTERRA bottles.


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