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Peppermint Spray

Amanda Sugden

Posted on September 20 2019

cooling sunburn tension spray


​I made my first bottle of this peppermint refreshing spray in the middle of a HOT summer back in 2016. A couple of sprays on my arms and face and I certainly found some relief from our dry heat. It wasn't until a few months later that I realised this same spray made an awesome fresh breath spray too!
Fast forward a few months and I had a lot of feedback from customers about how they were using this spray in their home. I have added the different uses for you below, but every time I think I have a comprehensive list of uses, a customer will contact me with another unique way they have used our peppermint spray.
Talk about a multi purpose natural product!!
How can I use this peppermint spray?
💓 on tired/swollen feet

💓 on face, neck & arms to cool down on a hot day

💓 on face & neck for head tension

💓 in mouth for fresh breath

💓 around insect hangouts- most insects hate peppermint

💓 over chest to help ease breathing

💓 over face to increase alertness and wake up!

💓 on bottom of feet to help reduce fever or hot flashes

💓 spray in mouth or on face to assist in reducing cravings

💓 over hot sunburnt skin

💓 over face to increase energy

💓 on stiff/exhausted muscles

What you need:

40ml PET spray bottle
4 drops of peppermint essential oil
3 drops of spearmint essential oil
40ml distilled water (filtered/boiled water is ok also)
* optional : 1-2 grains of salt (Himalayan or dead sea salt)
The salt will help to emulsify your mixture so the essential oils do not sit on the top of the water BUT if you want to use this as a mouth spray you might find the salt a little yuck. If leaving the salt out, just remember to shake your bottle before spraying each time to incorporate the essential oils.
 What you do:

Add your salt to the bottle (if using). Fill the spray bottle with water and add your essential oils. Remember to leave room for the spray top to be placed back on.
DONE! Spray as needed. Store in a cool, dark place whenever possible. To retain the quality of the essential oils it is best not to expose the spray to extreme heat or sunlight.
* Take care not to spray in eyes, ears or open wounds.
* I like to use both spearmint and peppermint essential oils- but you can just use one or the other for this recipe if you like.
* This recipe can be adapted to suit any sized bottle that you want to use.
* You may use a glass bottle for this peppermint spray. Maybe reuse an old doTERRA bottle and put on a spray top for a mini travel spray or make up a larger batch in a 200ml spray bottle to use throughout summer.
Love the sound of this natural refreshing spray but don't want to make it yourself? Purchase our handcrafted peppermint spray here.

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