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Natural Washing Powder

Amanda Sugden

Posted on May 28 2019

Natural Washing Powder


Making your own natural washing powder is not only super easy, but it is also a very rewarding experience.  I actually feel happy to do the washing because "I made it myself," I chose the essential oils to use in the powder, I know all of the ingredients (there are no hidden nasties) and I'm 100% confident to use it in my home for my family.  


First of all, a few notes if you are still using a supermarket washing powder or similar brand. Do you know what the ingredients are? I didn't. The one I used didn't even tell me the ingredients. Instead it gave me a website where I could go to investigate (which I never once thought to actually do). That tells me that the list is way too long to put on the box or the ingredients used are a bit suspect. 


My next point is that if you are not used to a natural washing powder you will feel like 1-2 Tablespoons just won't do the restraint, it will! I put off making this for a long time in my natural journey. Mostly because I didn't want to put out all of that money to buy the different ingredients if the recipe didn't work for my family. If you want to try it out before you commit to making it in bulk then you can buy our 500g bag which will last you around 20 washes. By then you will know if this is right for you and worth the investment!    



1kg Borax
500g Powdered soap (I use Organic Ground Coconut Soap)
1-2 tsp Essential oils (Optional)


This recipe is as easy as mixing everything together in a big tub. Adding some essential oils if you would like to and then storing in an airtight jar or container. The only thing to remember is that you really must wear a mask and gloves while mixing any powders to avoid inhaling the fine dust particles.  



Use: If you are using ground coconut soap, I find it works best to wash in warm water-especially during winter. Consider it a lot like the coconut oil in your pantry-solid in winter, liquid in summer. For it to dissolve in the water and wash your clothes effectively the warm cycle is best.



Top Loader machines- I add 1-2 TBS of the washing powder to the washing machine and allow it to fill partially with water before adding any clothes. If you add the powder after, the powder tends to get trapped in the clothes and will not wash as well.  


Front Loader machines- you can simply add 1 TBS of washing powder to the compartment as normal. Because the clothes are being agitated while the water is being added, powder clumping doesn't seem to be an issue. 




* I find that this recipe has worked well for my family to keep our clothes clean, fresh and there has been no irritation with my youngest who has super sensitive skin.

* Some of those pesky stains will still need some extra work (just like the supermarket stuff) I find it best to keep a bucket in the laundry and soak any heavily stained items asap with a little bicarb and Laundry soaker (Kin Kin).

* You can use any powdered soap, or grind your own soap bars in the thermomix if you like. I like to use the ground coconut soap. 



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