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Natural Baby Wipes

Amanda Sugden

Posted on June 13 2019

DIY baby nappy wipes natural

I remember resisting making my own baby wipes in the beginning. I'm not sure why exactly but it seemed a bit too hard and in the back of my mind I really didn't think they would work and pictured sloppy bits of paper making a mess everywhere! 


Well, I have not looked back since that first play with them. I can think of so many uses for these wipes and they are not all baby related. Cleaning dirty hands on the go, take camping for a quick clean when you're without water, wiping the table down before eating, cleaning the car dashboard, getting rid of the dust at home, traditional baby wipes or taking off make up. 


My youngest has sensitive skin so regular store bought creams, wipes, washes, nappies etc gave her a horrid rash (yes even the natural organic ones). That was my inspiration to make these wipes in the first place. Even the 'sensitive,' 'organic' and 'unscented' ones would give her a red rash. I love knowing exactly what is in the products I use and it's so easy that my 3.5 year old can pretty much make them herself for her sister!


Our family have used this same recipe for over 3 years now. When we say "wipes" this is all our kids know. We take these on holiday with us (the double length roll) and unravel some to put into a travel case to take in my handbag. On the rare occasion when we were caught out without our wipes we have found the store bought ones are much dryer and don't seem to clean as easily as the DIY version. Also...did I mention that we haven't had a problem with nappy rash since we switched to cloth and these wipes?!



 You will need:

Paper towel cut in half (I use VIVA)

1.5 cups of distilled water (or pure, cooled boiled water)

Aloe vera gel (I use the gel from 2 fresh aloe leaves) See our recipe to make your own aloe gel 

1 Tablespoon of castile soap (Dr Bronners is concentrated and high quality)

1/2 Tablespoon of nourishing oil (Sweet almond, jojoba, apricot kernel or FCO)

6-10 drops of essential oils (I use 3 drops each of doTERRA's lavender, lemon and tea tree) 

A container to store wipes 


 What you do:

  1. Make your aloe vera gel and blend with the water 

  2. Pour the distilled water/aloe vera gel, castile soap, carrier oil and essential oils into the container and give them a mix.

  3. Put the paper towel into the container to soak up all the liquid. You will need to turn it over once to soak all the way through.

  4. Pull out the cardboard centre roll and discard.

  5. Find the end of the paper towel in the middle of the roll and pull it out through the flip top (if your container has one) 



* The amount of water you need to use depends on the paper roll you use. I use Viva because it is strong when wet. If using the double length rolls increase the water used.

* In summer I add a little extra water to compensate for the wipes drying out in the hotter weather. 

* If you find the towel is too dry pour over a little extra water. If it has excess liquid at the bottom, just tip that out.

* To cut the paper roll use a sharp flat knife.

* I reuse an old baby wipes container because it fits perfectly and has the convenient flip top. I have also ripped off an old flip top from those plastic bag wipes, made a hole in the top of a container and glued on the flip top.

* I have had a double lenght roll of wipes which lasted 3 weeks. Don't worry, you will use them up before they go bad!

* I use these essential oils because they are calming, anti-bacterial and cleansing. They are also cost effective. Feel free to use any essential oils you wish though!

* Geranium, roman chamomile and cedarwood are great choices too.

* You need to make sure you begin pulling your wipes from the centre of the roll to make sure it unravels easily.

* If you are using another brand of castile soap you may need to increase the amount used as Dr Bronners is very concentrated.

* Don't use vinegar and castile soap in this recipe together! I have seen people suggest it but science tells you that these two will cancel each other out and then neither will do their job. I add castile soap to clean and it adds a slightly soapy, smooth element to the wipe.



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