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Foaming Hand Soap

Amanda Sugden

Posted on September 20 2019

DIY foaming hand wash recipe


This foaming hand wash recipe is one of the first that I created back in early 2016. I still remember thinking how simple it was, and I’ll admit there was a bit of disbelief that something so easy could actually clean as well as their store bought alternatives. However, once I started using this DIY foam it became a quick winner in our home. It lathers up and cleans hands really well plus using this means we are reducing our toxic load considerably by not using a chemical based hand wash.
I love knowing exactly what ingredients are in my products, that they are safe for my family to use and that we are saving money by making our own.
When people ask me how they can begin to reduce the toxins in their home, I always tell them to start with this DIY recipe. It is simple to make, requires only a few ingredients and it makes a big impact on the overall health and toxicity in the home.
This recipe is 100% natural, non-toxic and it works a treat! I add a little bit of sweet almond oil to it to give the added moisturising and nourishment for your hands. I love that I can change the essential oils to suit the purpose (like disinfectant, anti-microbial, relaxing, refreshing or essential oils that are good for skin). My favourite essential oil to use is On Guard in my hand wash.
This basic recipe can be used to make a foaming face wash, body wash or dog shampoo. All you need to do is change the essential oils and the carrier oil that you use.
Foaming Hand Wash
You will need:
200ml PET foaming pump bottle
2 Tablespoons of Dr Bronners castile soap *
10 drops of On Guard essential oil**
1-2 teaspoons of carrier oil (sweet almond oil, avocado, apricot kernel, jojoba, hemp, FCO)
Filtered/distilled water
1-2 grains of himalayan pink salt
What to do:

  1. Measure the castile soap and carrier oil into your foaming pump bottle.
  2. Add your essential oils and salt now. 
  3. SLOWLY pour the water into your foaming pump bottle leaving enough room at the top for the foaming pump when screwed back on. Replace the foaming pump lid and gently tip the bottle once or twice to mix.

* I've used the same foaming pump bottle for over almost two years without any problems. If you get a "sticky foaming pump" take it out of the bottle and pump through clean water to clear it out. This usually happens if too much carrier oil, essential oils or castile soap has been added. It can also be because of too much salt-causing a thick emulsion.

* Our foaming pump bottles come in a few different sizes- 50ml travel size, 200ml is the most commonly used, 375ml has a wider base that makes it easier for kids to use, or the 500ml bottles which are great for high use areas.
* Choose a carrier oil that suits your skin type and the season. Avocado oil is very nourishing while jojoba is great for sensitive skin.
* I use Dr Bronner's castile soap because of the high quality and also it is very concentrated, meaning you don't have to use as much.
* If you are using another brand of castile soap you might need to add more to achieve a rich foam and lather.
* Use filtered/distilled or cooled boiled water to reduce the risk of bacteria growing in your DIY creations.
** Experiment with how many drops of essential oils you add. You don't need many, but between 5-15 drops will keep most people happy depending on which essential oils you are using and if you like a strong or subtle smell.
** You can use any essential oils for this foaming hand wash recipe- depending on what you have in your collection and what purpose you want to achieve (ie. Cleansing, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, acne prone skin)


Love the sound of this natural hand wash but don't want to make it yourself? Purchase our handcrafted anti-bacterial foaming wash here.

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