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Carpet Deodoriser

Amanda Sugden

Posted on August 07 2018

Carpet Deodoriser

According to my daughter, vacuuming is one of my favourite activities to do. I'm pretty sure that she assumes I love it because it is something I do at least once a day, sometimes up to four times! With little kids in the house full time our place gets messy. All those crumbs, the food that misses the mouth or gets thrown around... the red dirt outside, and the sand pit that creeps back into my house... sometimes I wonder if I should just leave it till the next food sitting?!


Our carpets are black. I thought this was going to be a great idea with kids right? I thought it would hide any stains and dirt better than lighter carpet. Turns out it does do a good job at hiding stains (two kids successfully toilet trained) but it shows up every bit of everything else that is not black.


I also think its important to deodorise the carpets frequently to really clean them thoroughly-not just suck up the dirt from the top of them. I use bicarbonate soda because it is a really effective cleaner, it absorbs any dampness or odors (not just covers them up), it will kill any bugs in the carpet like fleas by absorbing their moisture and dehydrating them, and it can be easily vacuumed up afterwards. The commercial brands of carpet deodorants like carpet fresh, all have bicarbonate soda as their main ingredient with fragrances, fillers and synthetic ingredients added. 


Here is a super simple DIY recipe for you to try next time you want to freshen up your carpets.


Carpet Deodoriser Powder


You will need: 

Bicarbonate soda (aluminium free)

Essential oils 

A suitable container

I use an old salt/pepper/spices container that has the large holes in the top and a flip cap to make it airtight. If you do not have one of these, use a jar (glass or plastic) with a screw top lid. You can make the 'shaker' top by cutting a piece of cardboard to fit inside the lid and poking holes through it.


What you do:


Fill your container to the top with bicarb, add in essential oils, replace the lid and give it a shake. I use 10 drops of doTERRA essential oils to 1 cup of bicarbonate soda to give you an idea of quantity. 


My favourite combination of essential oils to use in this recipe is purify and lavender, half each. Other essential oils that would be great include on guard, easy air, eucalyptus, lemon, lime, peppermint or wild orange.


After vacuuming carpets, sprinkle your DIY carpet powder over the clean carpet and leave it for at least 1-2 hours. For the best results try to let it sit overnight and then vacuum it up in the morning. The longer it is left, the better it will absorb odors and impart the essential oil scent through the room.


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